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Your comfort is our top priority, and it’s a commitment taken very seriously. That is why we invest in groundbreaking dental technology: because you should have all the best that dentistry can offer no matter what your oral health journey looks like.

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“No shot. No drill. No fear.” WaterLase is a hydro-assisted laser utilized to create a needle-free visit to the dentist, cutting out everyone’s least favorite part of their visit. Using a constant stream of water to help cool the area the laser is affecting, WaterLase can be utilized for hard and soft tissue procedures, including endodontics and periodontal therapy. This system will revolutionize the way you think about cold sore treatment, root canals, and cavity treatments…even whitening!

CBCT-Scan Assisted Surgeries

The Cone-Beam Computed Tomography, or CBCT, is a new technology that creates immediate 3D information, rather than waiting to get images back from an outpatient facility. The images created by CBCT are more specific than general CT scans, and can be used for identifying problems in the soft tissue, dental structures, nerve paths, and bone all at once. Information from these images helps evaluate disease of the jaw, dentition, bony structures of the face, nasal cavity, and sinuses. This allows dental surgery and other procedures to be done more quickly and accurately!

The E4D Crown Machine

The incredible technology behind the E4D crown machine allows for the creation of same-day crowns for qualifying teeth! Rather than taking multiple days off work and wearing a temporary crown, this CAD/CAM (computer aided design/computer aided manufacturing) digitally scans the affected area, allowing the state-of-the-art computer system to create a perfectly shaped crown. While this system may not be available in every situation, a simple review is all that is needed to create an action plan specifically tailored to your needs.

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  • “It was painless and professional. No fear with [the staff here]. I love seeing my dentist!”
    Thomas H.
  • “My appointment went smoothly. The hygienists do an excellent job keeping me comfortable!”
    Kanisha S.
  • “I could never have imagined that my teeth would look so perfect!”
  • "I used to wake up with massive headaches. They made me a custom mouth guard and I now have pain-free mornings! "
    Sarah C.
  • "I am now very confident when I smile! I don’t need to think or worry about laughing- it just happens now!”
    Eric M.
  • “Painless and feels great! I'm not afraid of the dentist anymore!”
    Bethani M.
  • I feel like I’m home! It was so worth it, I only wish I had found this place sooner. I would’ve saved money and looked my best sooner!
    Anastasia C.